Laughing Sally that's what I named her anyways.

I named her Sally. It is not often that you see a friendly face like that so I though you guys would have a laugh.



This photo was taken for the assignment that was with the graphic design students.


As you know we are working on our joint project with the graphic design students. We took a photo of our partners Jamie’s son Nathan. He is the cutest little guy, when we were putting the lights away he started to cry and said, “They don’t take my picture anymore.” He was so adorable anyways, here is photo of that shoot. Enjoy, and tell me what you really think.


This week we had snow. It was the nice fluffy snow. It wasn’t the typical snow that is expected in North Carolina but more of the snow you want to go out and run in. So anyways this is a photo of one of the wonderful days in the snow.