For my self-promo 3 I decided to advertise pearls. I worked in the studio and on location. Here is part of the photo that I took with a d90 with speedotron lights last Thursday. Pearls

Then on Saturday I took some pictures of my model with pearls. This was taken with broncolor lights and a quantum flash with a softbox over it. Perla

This was my final product.Pearls


3 thoughts on “Self-Promo 3

  1. I think the reflection of the shell and pearls make the picture! The pearls in the shell are so simple it compliments it’s own reflection and does not distract from it.

  2. Wonderful Maria! I love how you made the pearls take on the shape as the shell and the reflection is crystal clear! It is a very simple design, yet very effective! I could stare at the image for a while, it seems to hypnotize me!

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