May 2011: 1st Concert

All right ladies and gentleman. Here is update numero uno. While I was away I went to my very first concert. My friends (who were appalled that I had yet to go to my first concert) and I went to go see them in the beautiful city of Charlotte. The bands name Runner Runner. The guys are really cool and they have some awesome talent! Hope they come back to the area soon!

Runner Runner, Concert, Band, Charlotte,
Runner Runner in Charlotte, 2011.

Runner Runner in Charlotte, 2011.
Runner Runner in Charlotte, 2011.
Runner Runner, Charlotte, 2011, Concert
Runner Runner in Charlotte, 2011.

You missed me, you missed me! Now you got to kiss me. ;)

Hi everyone!  I know, it’s been a while and you have missed me so much.  You won’t believe it!  I actually have gotten to do many things since the last time I was on.  Which according to the last post was in 2011 (gasp).  I have let you down for the last time.  The next few weeks I am going to catch you up on what I have been doing for the last 3 years.  Good goodness, I can’t believe I have let this go for so long.  Even in the time that I have been away there have been people who have been coming to check up on me.  THANK YOU!  You guys are so loyal.  Here is a little bit of what is to come.  Memories in both still and motion from (drum roll please) Canada and Italy. I know, I can’t believe it myself that I went to ITALIA!  It is going to blow your minds.  Anyways, enough about me!  Let me know how you guys are doing.  As much as you guys have missed me (ahem, play along please, don’t hurt my feelings) tell me about what has been going on in your lives.  Comment and I will answer back as soon as I can.  Many hugs to everyone!

Nova Scotia- Canada

Hello everyone. I know it has been way to long time since I posted anything but I wanted to keep you up to date on my whereabouts. Today I find myself farther North than I have ever gone. I am in a town called Antigonish in the province of Nova Scotia in the country of Canada. I am very excited to be here. I am with Stacey and her family. I actually have tons of pictures that I will soon post so that everyone may see them. Nova Scotia is beautiful. There are trees all around you and they are as green as can be. So anyways that is where I am now. Tomorrow we head towards Maine so we will see what adventures await us there. Until next time.

Dancers- Jamie and Chris

I was working on portfolio and I have had this idea for dancers in the woods for ages and I wanted to see it through. Last Saturday I had the chance to do that with two great volunteers from Fred Astaire Dance Studios Of Greensboro. Which I would love to thank for helping me and for not giving up on me even with the heat. It probably felt like one hundred degrees fahrenheit outside that day. Jamie and Chris you were amazing! I would also like to thank Sav-A-Lot Flooring Outlet in Asheboro for donating wood for my crazy idea. Thank You everyone! Tell me what you think.

Joint Assignment

These poster were done by a graphic design student with the photographs being done by photographer. In our groups case it was me and Adam with Jamie as our art director it was so much doing this project together. These are the final posters hope you like them. Comment please!


I wanted to do some photos of my friend and last weekend we got together and took some photos. I like the beautiful roses in my garden so thats why she’s in my garden. Tell me what you think.